In PCCTU, DAV College, Jalandhar (local unit) elections, Randhawa-Rajkumar group's dominated

  • Dr. Sanjiv Dhawan became the new President of the College Unit and Dr. Navjeet Sharma won for the post of Secretary, Prof. Manish Khanna became new Finance Secretary, Prof. Manoj Kumar became Vice President and Prof. Amit Sharma succeeded in getting the post of Joint Secretary
  • "I am very grateful for the support of you all and I am going to take your priorities as my priorities from today onwards." - Dr. Sanjeev Dhawan
  • "Randhawa-Rajkumar Group also succeeded in chasing top 7 out of 11 executive seats."
Jalandhar 1 April (Gurkirat Singh)- Elections for PCCTU, DAV College, Jalandhar (local unit) elections were concluded yesterday in the college peacefully. 99 out of 104 voters took part in the voting process. 5 candidates from both the sides of office bearer landed in the battlefield of elections. Prof Sharad Manocha faced defeat for the post of President. After the election, Dr. Sanjeev Dhawan once again came out as a great facilitator. Dr. Dhawan defeated Prof. Sharad with the difference of 56-43 for the post of President. On the other hand, for the post of the Secretary, there was a big turnaround, for the first time, Dr. Navjeet Sharma, fighting for the post of Secretary, defeated Prof. Ashok Kapoor by a margin of 53-46. Prof Manoj Kumar defeated Prof Naresh Sharma by a margin of 58-40 and chased the post Vice President. The post of Joint Secretary went to Prof. Amit Sharma by defeating Dr. Sanjay Sharma with a difference of 53-46. For the post of Finance Secretary, Prof. Manish Khanna defeated Prof. Pankaj Gupta with a difference of 62-36. Of the 11 executives, Randhawa-Rajkumar Group got success in the first seven seats. Executives include Prof DK Paul Mand (68), Prof. B. S. Nandra (61), Prof. S. S. Randhawa (60), Prof Kamaldeep (59), Prof. Manu Sood (59), Prof. Amit Jain (52), Dr. Satish Kumar (49), Dr. Rajiv Puri (49), Dr Deepak Wadhawan (47), Prof. Punit Puri (47) and Prof. S.J.Talwar (47). During elections of delegates Randhawa-Rajkumar group won 3 out of 6 seats which includes Prof Kamaldeep (69), Prof Manu Sood (60), Dr Hemant Sharma (50). The other successful delegates are Prof Manoj Kumar (56), Prof. Sharad Manocha (54) and Prof. Amit Sharma (49). For maintenance of a peaceful and successful environment in elections, Dr SK Tuli from the Department of Mathematics and Prof Naveen Sood from Economics Department were acted as Returning Officer. After the victory, the newly elected President Dr. Sanjeev Dhawan and the new Secretary Dr. Navjit thanked all the delegates, Dr. Dhawan said, "I am very grateful for the support of you all and I am going take your priorities as my priorities from today onwards. I am committed to working with you all as a team to pursue important issues of our Teaching community. It is a win of hope, change, positive thinking, confidence and hope. It is victory of faith. Whatever responsibility you have entrusted to us, we will do our best to fulfill it. He further added that the demands of the teachers of the college have been pending for a long time and we will fulfil these demands as soon as possible by forwarding them to college administration. Steps will be taken to provide professors with the New grades in salary, their arrears and implementation of 7th pay commission. PCCTU Federation will get strengthened and transparent. We will try and do every possible steps for the upliftment of professors' demands.
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