14th National Youth Parliament (National Level) Organized at DAV College Jalandhar

Jalandhar 3 April (Jaswinder Azad)- DAV College under the aegis of Department of Political Science organized the 14th National Youth Parliament at the National Level. It was sponsored by Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Government of India under the Scheme of National Youth Parliament Competition in Universities/Colleges throughout the country, Principal Dr. S K Arora, while highlighting the importance of Youth parliament said the aim is to strengthen the roots of democracy, inculcate healthy habits of discipline, tolerance of the views of others and to enable the student community to understand the working of our Parliamentary institutions. The co-ordinator of the programme Dr. Dinesh Arora, said that Group Level Competition was held on September 9th last year and College won that Competition and qualified for the National Level. Out of 84 teams 15 teams qualified for the National Level and DAV College Jalandhar qualified in Group 6.
In this event 60 students participated and they successfully tried to create the look of real Parliament. The seating arrangement was made as per the provisions of the Parliament. On the right side of Speaker the Ruling Party, with PM on the extreme right and on the left side the opposition party with Deputy Speaker on the extreme left followed by Leader of Opposition. The roles of Speaker, Deputy Speaker, PM, Leader of Opposition, Secretary General etc were played by the students very successfully. The members of 14th National Youth Parliament wore the dresses of different states and presented a real look of National Parliament.
Principal Dr S.K. arora addressed Sh. Kamal Choudhry, Former, Member of Parliament, (Lok Sabha) as a "Gentalman Politician" appriciated his kind and loving nature and the ability of avoiding unwanted controversies. Principal told the youth that they got potential to  today's youth is tomorrows  future,they can achieve high goals,they got the capacity to work hard,be passionate and full of energy,so our nation can depend upon the up comming leaders like you.
Items on Agenda: In this Youth Parliament various items were on the agenda like: Oath by newly elected members, Obituary Reference, Introduction of New Ministers to the house by the Prime Minister, Question Hour, Breach of Privilege, Papers to be laid by the Ministers, Zero Hour, Message from Upper Chamber reported by Secretary General, Welcome to the British Parliament Delegation and Vote of No Confidence.
Important Issues:
The issues of De-monetization, Price Rise, Unemployment, China’s anti-India policies, violation of cease fire by Pakistan, Indian Money in Foreign Banks, adulterated food, Swatch Bharat, remained the hot issues of debate and discussion in the House.
During Zero Hour, Gaurav Preet Singh raised the issue of environmental pollution in India especially in Delhi. He made an emotional and sentimental appeal to the government in this regard. The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, assure the house to convey the emotions of the member to the concerned Minister as he was not there in the house.
Vote of No-Confidence:
Ms Megha, Leader  of Opposition moved the Vote of No-Confidence and criticized the government  for its failure inall fronts of administration especially on economic fronts to check price rise, inflation and to bring Indian money in foreign banks back to India.
She criticized the government for its failure to bring a sense of security among the people. She presented data and tried to prove the failure of government to check the rising crime graph. She highlighted the issue of suicide committed by the farmers. Ms. Gurkirat also criticized the government for its failure on economic front.
Speaking on the motion Ms. Gunjan the Minister of Finance, made every attempt to defend the government. She talked about the need to look economic issues from wider prospective. She argued the strong economic fundamentals of Indian Economy. She promised that soon the rising prices will come down.
Prime Minister Mr. Gaurav Rattna, tried to defend the government and talked about India’s strong economic fundamentals. He tried to show the seriousness of the government in controlling price rise and corruption.
Voting on the Motion: In the end voice voting was held on the Vote of No- Confidence Motion and Motion wasdefeated due to lack of support. The ruling party celebrated it with thumping of dusk. Finally Speaker adjourned the house. The programme concluded with recitation of National Anthem.
Judges: The event was evaluated by a jury of three judges- Sh. Kamal Choudhry, Former, Member of Parliament, (Lok Sabha), Sh. Rajan, Under Secretary, Ministery of Parliamentary Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi, Mrs. Sarita, Dadwal, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Guru Nanak Girls College, Ludhiana. The jury appreciated the effort and encouraged the students to participate more in such programmes.
Best Youth Parliamentarians: Jury selected 8 students as best members of Youth Parliament.
First position: Gaurav Preet Singh,
Second Position: Tavishri Thapar and Gaurav Rattan,
Third Position: Megha, Surbhi Taneja and Bhakti Bhava,
Fourth Position: Gurkirat and Surbhi Arora
These students and Judges were honored by Principal Dr. S K Arora.
During his speech, Sh. Kamal Choudhry, Former, Member of Parliament, (Lok Sabha) admired the youth parliament held by the college and said "he thought he was sitting in a real one" he liked the way students put forward their veiw for ongoing problems in the country, and promised one of the participant will be a minsiter in future for sure. He mentioned that today's genratiom tomorrows leader and seeing their performance he believed that country's future is in good hands.For D.A.V college he stated that he got special bond with the college and feel happy when gets any invitation from here and congratulated political science deptt and principal of college for the hard work put behind the event.
On this occasion Sh. Arvind Ghai, Secretary, DAVCMC, New Delhi, Prof K K Ghai, Prof. Satish Tandon, Dr. Ashwani Sharma, Ambassador Sh. Ramesh Chander were presented as Guests of Honour. Dr. B B Sharma presented a Vote of Thanks. The programme was co-ordinated by Dr. Dinesh Arora and anchored by Prof. Sharad Manocha.
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