Jalandhar 15 March (Jaswinder Azad)- As the sun brightened its shine in the sky, the premises of Apeejay filled with mystique of Sanskrit Music. Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar in collaboration with North Zone Cultural Centre, Patiala (Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India) organized a musical feast in which Dhruvaa, the Sanskrit Band harmonized the audience by playing melodious tones. Prof. Saubhagya Vardhan, Director, North Zone Cultural Centre, Patiala graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and was astonished to witness the accomplishments of Apeejay in the spheres of Multimedia, Design and Fine Arts.
Rigveda Mantras and Spiritual compositions running along with the beats of drum, tabla, strings of guitar, notes of harmonium and verses of “Achyutum Keshavaram Krishna Damodaram”, “Jananam Mranam”, “Jeevan Aani Jaani Chhaya, Juthi Maya, Juthi Kaya” and “Bhaja Govindum” took the hearts of the audience on a spiritual plane. Mr. Sanjay Dwivedi, Lead Vocalist, Dhurvaa-the Sanskrit Band informed that their band had been involved in musical plays for last ten years.  Earlier, they used to perform in classical vein only but later on with the motive of acquainting the youngsters with the heritage and culture of our forefathers they adopted the fusion method which earned commendable response across the globe. The mesmerizing compositions are tuned by the group itself though the lyrics are of ancestral origin. The band performed for the first time in Punjab and the audience was intoxicated in the Sanskrit verses being played on modern musical equipments.
The elated Principal Dr. Sucharita shared her views that music always soothe one’s soul and in this hectic era one could find solace in spiritual music. She was highly impressed with the fusion of Sanskrit songs and western style compositions and said the band had left a remarkable impact of peace and calmness. She further extended her views that Dhruvaa’s unique concept of fusion is highly fruitful to attach our young generations with the roots of India.
With exceptional and mind blowing talents, Dr. Sanjay Dwivedi (Director and Lead Vocalist), Ms. Gyaneshwari Dwivedi (Vocalist), Mr. Vaibhav Santoore ( Vocalist), Mr. Tushar Gharat (Pakhavaj), Mr. Surapnil Bagul (Keyboard), Mr. Yahswant Rao (Violin), Mr. Manoj Chipelkar (Drum), Mr. Vijay Gaur (Guitar) and Mr. Punnet Santoore (Co- Ordinator) captivated the audience.
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