Havan organized on the occassion of Basant Panchami at DAV College, Jalandhar

  • "Participating in the Havan Yagya is a feeling of spiritual and mental peace and achievement of prosperity"- Principal Dr. SK Arora
Jalandhar 22 January (Gurkirat Singh)- Havan was organized on the occassion of Basant Panchami at DAV College, Jalandhar. Basant Panchami is considered to be the day of Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Saraswati has been recognized as the goddess of education. That is why havan was organized in the premises of college. "Tamso Ma Jyoturgamay" i.e. " to move towards the light of knowledge leaving behind tge darkness of nescience." Keeping in mind great culture and tradition of India, DAV College Jalandhar organized a havan yagya. On this occasion, Principal Dr. SK Arora, Staff members participated in the Havan Yagya and prayed for setting new dimensions of education in this session. The college principal Dr. Sanjeev kumar Arora welcomed the students and told them the significance of the Basant Panchami festival and said that with the arrival of spring season, tge whole environment gets a different kind of bloom. Not even human beings but birds and animals are also filled with glee. Every morning, the sunrise gives new conscience. That is why this whole month of Magh is enthusiastic, but the festival of Basant Panchami (Magh Shukla 5) influences Indian life in many ways. From ancient times, it is considered as the birthdate of Goddess Saraswati of the arts. Those academicians love India and Indianity pray to Mother Sharde to become more knowledgeable. Whenever we start a function, there is always a lamp lighting ceremony followed by Saraswati Vandana. Since she is associated with learning, education, knowledge and wisdom, her blessings are very important for a person to become a successful human being. Without education, a human being is as good as an animal. She enlightens the entire world by her grace. Principal Sanjeev kumar Arora said, the teaching system of DAV College is the best, through all the necessary means, the entire staff is here to help and support all students and we will try to ensure that you reach your academic excellence. The purpose of college is that we can ensure that all our students become  intellectual, curious, challenging, hardworking, researcher and fertile writers. Describing the significance of Havan ahead, he said, What is Havan? Resolving your life with bright deeds and shining! Resolving all your sin, deceit, failure, disease, lies, misfortune etc. in this divine fire. Resolve to take a new flight every new day, the new dream of every new night! In that God's fire, the determination to be made by making a sacrifice in itself, the determination to set its flame in that divine flame, and emancipation from the sorrows of this world, and the resolve to be free as fire. Haven is the key to success. Haven is the path to salvation, the way to meet God. They said that the fact is that the yagya makes the air clean, which makes our conscience beautiful and the age  long. We should follow the laws of nature in our life and with that we can stay close to God. Finally, Dr. Sanjeev kumar Arora said, "I welcome all of you from the entire staff again and wish to wish you a part of that college, where success is not an option but a birth." During this time Mr. Kundan Lal Agrawal, Member of Local Management Committee, Mr. Ajay Goswami, Principal Dr. Sood, Mr. Ravinder Sharma, Member Arya Samaj Vikramapura, Advocate G.K. All Teaching of Agnihotri College, Non Teaching Members and all the students were present.
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