I.T. Forum of DAV College, Jalandhar organized Collage Making competition .

Jalandhar 23 November (Jaswinder Azad)- I.T. Forum of DAV College, Jalandhar  organized e-collage competition. The subject of competition was drugs and its harm, which was shown in collage. The competition was started by Principal of DAV College, Jalandhar Dr SK Arora and HOD Of Computer department Dr. Nischay Bahl.
Principal Dr. S.K. Arora said that drug addiction is such a disease that has swallowed us, our society, our country very fastly today. In the age of playing the children and youth of the schools and colleges are indulged in drug addiction. In the name of hobbies, under the guise of friendship, extreme tension, people have to drink alcohol, puff cigarettes and consume tobacco etc. Many types of drugs are consumed but when intoxication becomes a part of youth's life, they do not know it, when they come to know, it is too late. We have to save society from this problem and youth of the country. This theme of today's program is also a part of this awareness. He appreciated the computer department for such a competition on such social problems. He also gave best wishes to all the participants.
Excellent collages were made by the students. Dr. Nischay Bahl (HOD, Computer Department), Prof. Vishal Sharma and Prof Rajiv Puri played the role of Judges in this Collage Making Competition. Sahil Dua got first prize, Vineet Thakur got second and Abhishek Pandey got third prize. Apart from this, Parminder was given the Consolation Award. Principal, Dr. SK Arora and Dr. Nischay Bahl (HOD, Computer Department) honored the winning students.
Dr. Nischay Bahl (HOD, Computer Department) said that drug addiction has become a major problem today. Intoxicants behind many crimes like violence, rape, theft, suicides etc. are a major reason. Today it has become the responsibility of all of us that the younger generation should be removed from drug addiction. In this, both the government and the society's contribution is essential. The theme of this competition has also been kept to educate the students. So that the students can become aware of the loss of this problem and stay away from these evils. He congratulated the computer staff and students for the success of tge competition and said that the computer department will continue to do such programs in the future.
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