Discussion on International Women's Day 'Violence Against Women' in DAV College, Jalandhar

Violence against women is the most widespread violation of human rights and the greatest threat to sustainable peace and development: Dr. S K Arora
Jalandhar 25 November (Jaswinder Azad)- On November 25, the International Day of 'eradicating violence against women' was celebrated. Keeping in mind this social problem, increasing violence against women and its diagnosis were discussed in DAV College, Jalandhar. This date was recognized by UN General Assembly in 1999 to create awareness among the people that women are not being given their rights. This discussion was conducted by the History and Journalism and Mass Communication  Department. HOD of History Department  Dr. Kiranjit Kaur Randhawa, Dr. Vijay Kumari Gupta, HOD of the Sanskrit Department, Dr Jeewan Asha l and HOD of Journalism and Journalism and Mass Communication Department  Prof. Meenakshi Mohan presented their views on the growing violence against women.
Principal Dr. S. K. Arora said that violence against women is the most violent violation of human rights and is the biggest threat to sustainable peace and development. Violence against women is constantly increasing and now it has become a worrisome topic. Dealing with Women's Violence, there is also a big responsibility, along with a headache for the society. However, women need that they themselves do not depend on others and take their own responsibility and be aware of their rights and duties.
Dr. Kiranjit Kaur Randhawa, HOD of History Department said that the government should make harsh laws to stop the growing violence against women so that violence against women can be prevented. However, to reduce the increase in cases related to female violence in India, the Government of India has brought the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) bill in 2015. Its purpose was to change the Indian Juvenile Law of 2000, because of this law, the Juvenile accused of the case of the fearless case was not severely punished. After the coming of this law, there is a provision for strict punishment under Indian law for juvenile between 16 and 18 years, who is involved in serious crimes. Apart from this, on the issue of tripple talaak, strict law should be made so that women cannot be exploited.
HOD of Journalism and Mass Communication Department, Prof. Minakshi Mohan said that violence against women is a big problem for the communities, society and the country. The result of which can be the entire society has to suffer. The impact of violence can be on the minds of women for a lifetime. From which they can not recover throughout life. As a result, women were never able to associate themselves with the society. Violence against women and girls is due to gender inequality and gender discrimination. Women can live their rights only if the human rights organization protects those rights firmly. We should promote a culture of equality between institutional and legal reforms, education, awareness among men and women. To solve this problem, not only the government and the law, but the common citizen should also raise voice. For the diagnosis of any problem, participation of citizens of the society is very important.
Dr. Vijay Kumari Gupta, HOD of the Sanskrit Department said that the status of women in India is different because of culture, customs and people's traditions. The state of women in the north-eastern states and in the states of south India is very good from the rest of the states. Due to the prevalence of female feticide, according to 2011 census in India, there were only 940 girls on 1000 boys. Behind such number of girls, there are reasons for embryo killing, ignore girls in childhood and gender test before birth. This is a fierce social problem, which is also increasing the misconduct towards women.
Dr. Jeevan Asha of the Sanskrit Department said that according to the National Criminal Records Bureau, women are not safe in their in-laws' place. The cruelty to women is to throw acid, rape, honor killer, murder, kidnapping for dowry,beating by husbands or in laws etc. Everyone should come forward to solve this problem.
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