DAV College Vice Principal and Head of Chemistry department Dr A K Bharadwaj retired

Jalandhar 3 October (Jaswinder Azad)- "Will meet somewhere sometime , while traveling the path of our lives". After a glorious long career of more than 37 incredible years, Vice Principal  and Head of Chemistry department Dr A K Bharadwaj retired. To honour the retiring Vice Principal Dr A K Bhardhwaj for his invaluable and incredible contribution to the college, a ceremony was organized by Chemistry department to honour him with followed  by handing over the chair of head of department to the newly appointed head Prof Chander Sikka. Prof Bharadwaj made Prof Sikka occupy his new position. "Work is the truest path of worship , and the people who follow the path of work reach the skies" quoted Prof A K Bharadwaj (Vice Principal, HOD of Chemistry  department) at his retirement after glorious 37 years of his perfect professional career, while sharing his feelings and experiences of his work life and tenure.
Principal Dr. S. K. Arora, on this occasion, addressed Dr. Bhardhwaj waj as "Idealistic hero" and "Stock of incredible knowledge". He said we will certainly lack the experience uniqueness. His golden contribution will always be remembered in the history of the DAV family and I assure him that whenever he will come, we will openly welcome him. On the retirement, Dr. Bhardhwaj said, I have never looked back in my life nor have I ever regretted any decision because the spiritual value of symmetry and success always kept me covered in its shell. Talking about his tenure he said "Your biggest satisfaction lies in the satisfaction of your students." In the context of the students, he added, "I am ready to inspire them because i believe that scallywag leaves an unforgettable memory in the minds of children and it reduces the emotions of showing them something."
Keeping life related thoughts, he said, the only option to keep yourself young is that we should always be ready to learn, thinking that every new lesson gives us an opportunity to refine ourselves. He also said that he has tried to fulfil the responsibility given to him in the college as the Vice Principal, with full dedication and hard work. Sharing his experiences while staying with the Principal of the college, he said that during this time he has learned a lot of good things in his life. He further shared his experience and said that nothing in life is permanent, everything that comes has to go. This is the law of nature and I came here as a teacher, I have done my duties as a teacher and I am going from my karmic ground as a teacher at a pre-determined time. He said that I thank God. As much as I deserved, God gave me more than that and I am completely satisfied. I am very simple person and I always lived life in a simple way and life always gave me the best. He also thanked nature and said that he learned a lot from nature too. At the same time, he also said that he had never thought of such a huge achievement in his life. During this time, he inspired the students of college and gave them best wishes to be successful. Prof Chander Sikka quoted that Dr Bharadwaj is like a big brother for me and my relationship with him is quite old and I have always seen  a hard working, dedicated, committed and a strong person in  him who is always ready to accept all sort of challenges which come his way. I wish him a Golden retirement life ahead. Dr. Bharadwaj was felicitously departed by the college and Chemistry department.
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