Medicinal Plant Exhibition was organised by Botany Department of DAV College, Jalandhar

Jalandhar 27 September (Gurkirat Singh)- The Medicinal Plant Exhibition was organized through Kashyap Biological Society by Botany Department of DAV College, Jalandhar. Exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Arpit Shukla I.G. Jalandhar Zone, Dr. S.K. Arora Principal of DAV College, Jalandhar and Dr. Komal Arora, Head of Department. Suman panwar associate professor, dravyagunavijanana, Dr rohit johri associate professor, dravyagunavijanana were the judges. In this exhibition, students were given information to tell everyone  their importance. More than 40 types of plants were exhibited in this exhibition. Along with information about their names, their characteristics, advantages etc. Stevia, Brahmi, Carom, Turmeric, Vinsa Rosaa, Pattachhat, Aelovera, Ashwagandha etc. During the exhibition the students told people about these plants in detail. Explaining about Stevia, it was said that it contains fiber, protein, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, vitamin A and vitamin C and is used for the treatment of diseases like diabetes, cancer. While giving information about Brahma, if someone is troubled because of high blood pressure, then he should drink the juice of fresh leaves of Brahma with honey. Blood pressure remains in control by doing this. At the same time it was told that carom also strengthens our immune system and it improves respiratory function, increases the flexibility of joints and muscles and protects us from skin infection. Use of Oregano is to mainly cure abdominal and digestive disorders and to overcome vata ailments. By taking regular juice of Aloe vera, the skin becomes beautiful from within and the effects of skin on aging are also less. Aloe vera juice purifies the blood and completes hemoglobin deficiency. Ashwagandha plant contains many medicinal properties. The leaves of sunflower plants are useful in skin diseases. Even wrinkles falling on the skin can be avoided. It is beneficial in cough, tuberculosis and arthritis. They said that patharchatt is used for stone disease. B.Sc. Second year's Muskan was given first prize, BSc third year student Megha Malhotra got second prize and Megha Chhabra of third year BSc got third position. President of the Department Dr. Komal Arora, Principal Dr. S. K. Arora and other dignitaries presented momentos to winning students. Principal Dr. S. K. Arora while appreciating the program,congratulated Dr. Komal Arora and said that such programs increase the knowledge of the students and DAV College has always encouraged such programs. Dr. Komal Arora, Head of the Department congratulated professors and students of the department for the success of this exhibition. She also congratulated the winners. On this occasion Dr. Loveleen, Dr. Baljeet Kaur, Prof. Sunita Suman and Mr. Anand kaushal, Mr. Ramdev, Mr. Sushil Kumar and Ms. Neetu of non-teaching staff were also present on the occasion.
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