DAV College under the aegis of Department of Political Science organized the 14th National Youth Parliament

Jalandhar 9 September (Jaswinder Azad)- DAV College under the aegis of Department of Political Science organized the 14th National Youth Parliament. It was sponsored by Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Government of India under the Scheme of National Youth Parliament Competition in Universities/Colleges throughout the country. In this event 60 students participated and they successfully tried to create the look of real Parliament. The seating arrangement was made as per the provisions of the Parliament. On the right side of Speaker the ruling party, with PM on the extreme right and on the left side the opposition party with Deputy Speaker on the extreme left followed by Leader of Opposition. The roles of Speaker, Deputy Speaker, PM, Leader of Opposition, Secretary General etc were played by the students very successfully. The members of 14th National Youth Parliament wore the dresses of different states and presented a real look of National Parliament.
Principal Dr. S K Arora highlighted the importance of Youth Parliament and said its aim is to strengthen the roots of democracy, inculcate healthy habits of discipline, tolerance of the views of others and to enable the student community to understand the working of our Parliamentary institutions. The co-ordinator of the programme Dr. Dinesh Arora, said that this was the Group Level Competition. In the 14th National Youth Parliament, there are 15 Groups and DAV College Jalandhar is in Group 6. In this Group there are 5 institutions and out of them one will qualify for the national level competition. National Level  was evaluated by Eminent Personalities from the ministry Chief Guest Sh. Kamal Chaudhary, Former MP (Lok Sabha), Dr.  Vijay Saigal, Department of Law, University of Jammu, Jammu and Mrs. Chander Rekha Sandhir, Head, Department of Political Science, Kamla Nehru College for Women, Phagwara
Sitting Arrangement:
Units like ‘Oath by New Members’, Obituary Reference ‘Introduction to New Ministers by PM’, ‘Breach of Privilege’, ‘Question Hour’, ‘Papers to be Laid’, ‘zero Hour’, ‘Vote of No Confidence’ etc were presented in theYouth Parliament.
Various important issues were raised in this Parliament during Question Hour like:
• New National Policy on Skill Development
• Use of pesticides, chemicals in agriculture and horticulture;
• Safety and Security of Railway Passengers, Use of new technology to prevent rail accidents.
• Swach Bharat Scheme
Zero Hour
Price Rise, Corruption & Black Money, Indian Money in Foreign Banks, Energy Crisis, remained the hot issues of debate and discussion in the House.During Zero Hour, Gaurav Preet Singh raised the issue of Floods in certain parts of the country.  He made a sentimental appeal to the government in this regard.
Ms.Megha, Leader of Opposition moved the Vote of No-Confidence and criticized the government for its failure on fronts of administration. She raised issues like:
• Price Rise
• Increasing crime against women
• Suicide Committed by the farmers
• Increasing violence in Jammu and Kashmir
Supporting the motion Ms.Gurkirat Kaur pointed out the failures of government on the economic front. She highlighted issues like Price Rise especially prices of Tomato, Bad effects of Demonetization,  and GST.
Speaking against the motion Ms.Gunjan, Minister of Finance, made every attempt to defend the government. She talked about the need to look at economic issues from a wider prospective. She argued about strong economic fundamentals of The Indian Economy. She promised that rising prices will come down soon.
Ms.Umik criticised the government for its failures in the External Sphere. She said,to increase its influence in the Indian Ocean region, China has been creating string of pearls. It includes a facility in Gwadar and a port in Karachi, Pakistan, construction of a new port Hambantota in Sri Lanka, container facility in Chittagong in Bangladesh and ports in Myanmar.China has also been working to develop China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) under on Belt one Road Policy. China is also trying to outplay India in Indian Ocean Region. She pointed out that, No doubt our government opposed the one Belt One Road Policy of China but if failed to carry any of the big powers and especially our neighbours along on the vital question of our sovereignty over the region.
At the South Asian level tensions have escalated with Pakistan and the SAARC process has been stalled. Actually the government has failed miserably to frame definite policy to deal with Pakistan. Our Hon’ble PM visits Pakistan uninvited and within a weak we have the Pak trained terrorists at the Pathankot airbase. Our Prime Minister who boasts a tooth for a tooth – suddenly becomes toothless, voice less and spine less.
Mr. Abhijit Singh, Minister of External Affairs, defended the government while highlighting its achievements in the foreign affairs. He added,we have signed a historic civil nuclear cooperation deal with Japan which would allow Japan to export nuclear technology to India.Over the past three years, we have given a strong momentum to our engagement with the United States, Russia, Germany, France and other major global powers. With them, we not only share a desire to cooperate, we also hold converging views on opportunities and challenges that face us. He further quoted, we have recorded our strong objection, to one belt, one road policy of China as it passes through the territory having our sovereignty.
Due to the efforts of our government, we made Sri Lanka back out from the Chinese contract of developing the Hambantota port. Again, keeping in mind the security concerns of the region. Speaker Madame, Russia is an abiding friend. Our trusted and strategic partnership, especially in the field of defence has only deepened with time. As far as Pakistan is concerned, Speaker Madam, Terror and Talks cannot go together. The day they stop promoting terror, we will start the ÜæÐ
Prime Minister Mr. Gaurav Rattna tried to defend the government and talked about India’s strong economic fundamentals. He tried to show the seriousness of the government in controlling price rise and corruption. He added that,
➢ we have set up Skill Development ministry to make are youth capable enough to be the “Job Creators” rather than “Job Seekers”.
➢ Demonetization brought nation together to fight corruption, black money and terrorism.
➢ Madam Speaker, I would also like to mention that India is no more a soft state, the decision to go for “surgical strike” make it very clear that we are capable enough to protect the honour and dignity of our people.
Voting on the Motion: In the end voice voting was held on the Vote of No- Confidence Motion and Motion was defeated due to lack of support. The ruling party celebrated it with thumping of dusk. Finally Speaker adjourned the house.
Judges: The event was evaluated by a jury of three judges-
1. Sh. Kamal Chaudhary, Former MP (Lok Sabha)
2. Dr.  Vijay Saigal, Department of Law, University of Jammu, Jammu
3. Mrs. ChanderRekhaSandhir, Head, Department of Political Science, Kamla Nehru College for Women, Phagwara
Best Youth Parliamentarian Prizes:
The following six students were given the prize of Best Youth Parliamentarians:
1 Gurkirat Kaur
2 Tavishi Thapar
3 Guarav Ratna
4 Megha MalhoTra
5 Ananya Singh
6 Surbhi Taneja
The distinguish guests present on the occasion were :
Principal J C Joshi,Prof. K K Ghai, Former Head, Dept. of Political Science DAV College, Jalandhar,Prof Satish Tandon, former Vice Principal & Head, dept. of Political Science DAV College, Jalandhar, Sh. Ram Lal ji, Prof. Y R Handa, alumnus of the College. Dr. Anoop Vats, Principal, DAV College, Nakodar, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, DAV College, Bathinda The programme was co-ordinated by Dr B B Sharma, Dr. Dinesh Arora and anchored by Prof. Sharad Manocha.
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