Jalandhar 22 August (Gurkirat Singh)- At Kanya Maha Vidyalaya-the heritage institution, Jalandhar social obligations towards promotion of Indian cultural heritage are on the top of the priority list. As Hindi Language and Literature are an integral part of our socio-cultural heritage the KMV P.G. Dept. of Hindi organized an extension lecture on Language, Literature and Media. The aim was to promote our social liabilities towards preservation of Language, literature and our culture. On this occasion famous story-writer, critic, popular speaker sh.Suresh Seth addressed the students. Principal Prof. Dr.Atima Sharma Dwivedi who warmly gave a floral welcome to the chief speaker, also expressed her opinion regarding the print media's responsibility towards presenting before the public the importance of right role of language tand literature in the present scenario in human lives. Dr.Suresh Seth attracted the attention of the student audience towards the varied social predicaments presented by language literature and culture in human lives. He observed that the basis of creation of language & literature were cultural and human values. Coming to the electronic media he said that the deformation of language and culture on social media was painful. He wanted the youth to be sensitized towards it so that the purity of language & socio-cultural values could be maintained. Referring to language, literature, media and even education he said that rather than following the hidden path he should get creative and make new pathways to achieve new heights. Further elaborating on the issue he said that educational institutions were the right place for the youth to imbibe the proper human, cultural & social values. He was of the opinion that no language was difficult or less important than the other. It was for the young journalists, students and intellectuals to promote the national language. The lecture was followed by a host of questions for the curious audience. Head Dept. of Hindi Dr.Vinod Kalra thanked Dr.Suresh Seth for  sharing his precious views & time with the students.
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