KMV Organises Experimental Workshop cum interaction by Prof. H.C. Verma

Jalandhar 17 August (Jaswinder Azad)- PG Department of physics of KMV Jalandhar organised an Experimental workshop cum interaction by Prof. H.C. Verma and Prof. M.S. Marwaha which was attended by about 500 science students from KMV and other schools and colleges of Jalandhar. Prof. H.C. Verma from IIT Kanpur is popular for his book “Concepts of Physics’ and experimental workshops. He is a nuclear scientist and published many research papers  and books  to popularise science.
In his lecture H.C. Verma asked students and teachers to connect science with real life. He explained that just like there are many temples of worship but only few people get the real way to peace and spirituality similarly out of lakhs of educational institutions and teachers only few teachers and students can connect science with real life which is the main aim of studying science. He asked students that apart from becoming engineers and doctors, real purpose of life can be served by becoming good educators and teachers  and produce scientists who can help solve all big problems faced by humanity for its survival.
In First session, Experimental workshop was conducted by Prof. H.C. Verma  and Prof. M.S. Marwaha along with interaction in which different demonstrations were shown like water waves, waves in a string and it was also shown by various demonstrations how velocity of waves depends on density, tension as well as change of the medium. He also discussed about stationary waves and longitudinal waves and variation of frequency with lengths of organ pipe.
In second session, Prof. Marwaha conducted experiments of optics. In these experiments he discussed optical phenomenon based on diffraction, refraction, interference and total internal reflection. In question answer round students interacted with Prof. H.C. Verma and got answers to their queries.  Prof. Verma also provided information about ‘Aniveshka’ for which Ist round of screening is on 22nd August at KMV.
Principal Prof. Atima Sharma thanked the honourable guests and ensured them that KMV will always be ready to hold any event that promotes science among students and appreciated P.G. Department of Physics faculty for organising the workshop.
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