Associate Prof. Renu Gupta of DAV College (Dept. of English) holds Conversation with Celebrated Writer NAMITA GOKHALE

Jalandhar 17 August (Jaswinder Azad)- Associate Professor Renu Gupta (Post-graduate Department of English) recently had the proud privilege to have a face-to-face conversation with Namita Gokhale, a prominent figure on the contemporary literary scene, at the writer’s residence in Hauz Khas, New Delhi. One of the most prolific, popular and readable contemporary writers today, Namita Gokahle has to her credit seven novels, one collection of short stories, four non-fiction works and four anthologies. She is also an established publisher and a curator of literary programmes like Kitabnaama on the Doordarshan. In addition to these all, she is a co-organizer of world’s biggest free literature festival, the Jaipur Literature Festival (India) and a steering force behind literary events in various other countries as well.
In her long conversation with Namita Gokhale, Prof. Renu Gupta tried to probe various aspects of Gokhale’s multifaceted personality. When asked about the key to effective management of her multiple roles, Gokahle attributed it to her passion for work, and her constant prioritization and re-prioritization of tasks in hand. Talking about the success and global popularity of Jaipur Literature Festival, Gokahle acknowledged the role of its multiple dimensions and constant support and encouragement of her co-director William Dalrymple and the dedication of their organizing team. She added that over the years, the festival has come to serve not only as a melting pot for various literatures, but also as a platform for showcasing political, social, cultural and historical aspects of human life. She made a special mention of Punjabi literature in her talk.
When asked about her creative writings, Namita Gokhale commented on her fascination for portrayal of strong women characters, Kumaoni culture, and re-examination of myths in her novels. She also confessed to her preference for use of woman’s voice in her narratives, and expressed her dislike for fixed gender rules and roles. She revealed that her novel Shakuntala: the Play of Memory and non-fictional work The Puffin Mahabharat hold a special place in her heart. The conversation concluded with Namita Gokahle giving a few details about her soon to be released work of fiction based on the mythical character of Ghatothkach from Mahabharata.
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