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Jalandhar 5 June (Jaswinder Azad)- UK charity called Guru Ravidass Educational Assistance Trust (GREAT) has pledged to help poor but bright students in India from any caste or religion. Its mission began in 2005 to reach out to the poor communities in India and help them to educate their children to change life and come out of the cycle of poverty. Dr Charan Bunger MBE set up this initiative to offer hope to children/young students born in circumstances that might stop them in educating. Dr Charan Bunger says “there is still a large proportion of the population in India where children and young people find education a dream and because of severe poverty, they fall into the cruel state of child or forced labour to help parents to earn a living”.
The success of this charity has spread over many parts of India such as; Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal, Rajasthan, Utter Pradesh, and Bihar. ‘GREAT’ team’s efforts has attracted many children from the lowest level of Indian society, those with limited help from the government for State basic education and those who wish to accomplish degrees in private sector but fees high to afford.
So far, the charity is proud to say that it has awarded scholarships to educate over 400 poor and needy students in seven States in India. Dr Charan Bunger is pleased to announce that they are now graduates with degrees, holding diplomas and certificates for vocational training courses. Many of these students have left the poverty cycle behind with the help of GREAT they are now; medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists, graduate nurses, engineers and teachers.
After 12 years of success Dr Charan Bunger says “myself and my team feel our work has not completed…it has just begun there is so much yet to be achieved”. The charity has developed partnership with Boarding school like in Patna who offer support and education to Musahar community children (the poorest in India). Many colleges and schools are given grants to buy books and clothes. Students are continued to be supported with equipment such as IT and offered vocational training to develop business skills.
He and his team appeal to you to get in contact today for more information; on
Tel. No  0044 121 5541570  /  00447854396934 or email;
Our Punjab Charity Co-ordinator [Chairman] Mr Sewa Singh can be contacted on 0981 493 8320
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