DAV College Jalandhar started its 100th year by performing holy hawan

Jalandhar 13 May (Jaswinder Azad)- The college who had even witnessed the war of partition has now entered its 100th year. "tamaso maa jyotir gamay" which means from darkness to light. By following India's great traditions and values DAV Jalandhar entered its 100 year with holy chants and holy flame or we can call hawan. Principal Dr SK Arora said that the college will complete its 100 years in the next year. Taking in mind the decisions for the future, during this 100th year college will put an offer for organising vedic arya conference with this new teaching style and outsourcing will also be started. College will make a page of old davians association (oda) on its website college will connect with the old students and will link with them for their support. We believe that with this thousands of old students of this college from all over the world will get connected with the college. In this time period with the help of past students special scholarship and introducing new features in the college. High tech research labs, new teaching equipments and many scholarship programs for the students are plans included in this.
On this auspicious day Seth kundan lal agarwal (President Managing committee jalandhar), Past principal Dr BB Sharma, Principal Dr Sanjeev Sharma, Past Principal Subhash Sharma, Principal ML Aery, Principal Sk Mahajan, Principal Ravi Sharma, Principal Yogesh Gambhir, Principal Saini, Principal Jagroop Singh, Principal Vijay Sharma, Principal Suman, Principal Ajay Sareen, Principal Rashmi Vij and many past students, teachers as well as the present faculty of DAV were present.
After the hawan chief guest of the function Santosh Singh Choudhary, Guest of Honour Shri Raj Kamal Chowdhary (divisional commissioner jalandhar) as well as Principal Dr SK Arora tied 100 balloons together and left them into the sky and by this they started the 100th year of DAV College Jalandhar with this they also tied a message that " For Dav Jalandhar Sky is not the limit"
Chief guest santosh singh chowdhary (member of parliament) described the 100th year logo " 100 years of shaping lifes" which tells the story of 100 years of the college, the logo was made with beautiful colours, the colours which are the message of the success of the college.
College principal Dr S.K.Arora informed that the college is uploading an app for college students called "DAV APP" where students can get any information regarding college. Guest of honour Shri Raj Kumar Chaudhri said that this a revolutionary idea where students information will get information about both academic and co-curicular activites.The college wants to con-join this app with its library where students can get any knowledge present in this world. Students can also submit their assignments through this app And can also get deptt information through this app.
Principal SK Arora also stated that i have confidence  in my college students they are goal oriented,hard working,determined and will do suerly do good things in future.I pray to god that our college keep on serving the students in future too that also non-stop. We will keep on bringing new schemes for the 100th year and will do our best that for coming years and we will do our very best to make this 100th year of DAV "The Historic Year".I congratulate everyone for the 100 years of the college.
From the time DAV college was built has maintained the reputation of being the best eduactional institute of India. College tries its best to make its student an intellect, hard working and a very good citizen of the country.DAV college has become a role model for the country. For the 100years of this college we thank everyone who provided thier survices to the college.
Guest of Honour Shri Raj Kamal Chaudhri said that he was just a normal student but DAV college encouraged him to gain this designation. It was not like he was not studious but the college motivated him to do somthing big in his life. histeacher Vasudev sir helped himto become a universitu topper. he thank DAV jalandhar for making the man he is today. He give his regards to all those people who served this college. Cheif Guest Shri Santok Singh Chaudhri( Member of Parliament) said that when ever someone will talk about top class education in India DAV college will be a part of the discussion. I will promise you all that I will convince the goverment to give DAV college tje status of Hertage institute and will make a model of parliament for the college. It is just pure luck thaty parents made me have admition in DAV college Jalandhar. it was the best thing of my life. DAV is just not a name it is a brand. It is an honour to be its alumni.

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