Manjit G.K. & Badal exploiting 1984 Sikh genocide for polarization of Sikh votes-Sarna

New Delhi 4 November (Bureau)- S. Paramjit Singh Sarna, President Shiromani Akali Dal Delhi while addressing a press conference here today said that Manjit Singh G.K. and Badal Dal have been exploiting 1984 Sikh genocide for polarization of Sikh votes. He further said that demand of one thousand crore compensation by G.K. from the central government against the loss of properties of the Sikhs in 1984 genocide is nothing but a hollow election stunt to benefit Badal Dal in the forthcoming Punjab Assembly and general elections of the DSGMC. Mr Sarna said when Badal has political alliance with the BJP at the centre then why the idea for enhancement of Ex-gratia grant to the victims has not come in the mind of the BJP even after two years of their regime? and why G.K. has to beg for compensation from the central government?
Mr. Sarna reminded G.K. about Rs.750 Crores given to Punjab by Dr. Manmohan Singh government for disbursement amongst the victims of 1984 Sikh genocide out of which       Rs. 250 Crores were returned to Central government by Badal. He further said that even the Ex-gratia grant distributed in Punjab was looted by the Badal Dal party workers on fake documents and genuine victims were deprived of their rights, which were largely reported in the news papers as well. He said Badal has deliberately not paid compensation to those victims, who oppose his anti Sikh and anti Panthik policies.
Mr. Sarna asked G.K. and his political master S. Parkash Singh Badal & Sukhbir Badal:-
•    Why Ex-gratia grant of Rs.250 crores out of Rs.750 crores returned to the UPA government?
•    Why those Badal Party workers were not prosecuted, who cheated Ex-gratia grant of the genuine victims? And why inquiry was not conducted to expose the scam?
•    Why exceptional affection for victims and for their rehabilitation stimulated in the heart of Badal Dal leaders in the wake of elections only? And why they totally forgot them while enjoying power in the government?
•    What steps Badal and BJP government has taken to punish the culprits of 1984 Sikh genocide?
•    Why the demand of one thousand crores compensation for the victims came only before the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee and Punjab Assembly Elections only?
•    Will Harsimrat Badal resign from the Cabinet Ministry, if demand of rupees one thousand crores compensation by G.K. will not be accepted by the central government?
•    Why BJP has not thought for enhancement of Ex-gratia grant for the victims?
•    Why G.K. during his 4 years tenure in the DSGMC did not raise this demand?
•    Why and for what reasons this particular time before elections is chosen to raise this demand?
Mr. Sarna further asked G.K. to reply the Sikh Sangat of Delhi about embezzlement of Golak funds exposed with statics and evidences by Shiromani Akali Dal Delhi. He said that although Sikh Sangat of Delhi has enough evidence about the large scale plundering of Golak funds even they want explanation from G.K. They have elected G.K to be the custodian of Golak and not to loot it. He reiterated that Gurdwara funds are collective property of Sikh Sangat and no one will be allowed to plunder it.
Badal Dal member of DSGMC joined Shiromani Akali Dal Delhi:
Mr. Sarna said that distressed with the anti-Sikh & anti Panthik policies of the Badal Dal another member, DSGMC, S. Gurbakash Singh "Montu Shah" have joined Shiromani Akali Dal Delhi alongwith hundreds of supporters today. He said that our party will provide opportunity and platform to such members to serve the Sikh Sangat of Delhi, who were cornered by the Badal Dal. He said that S. Gurbakash Singh "Montu Shah" is a prominent personality of the area and his association with our party shall amplify the base of our party amongst the Sikh Sangat in his constituency.
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