4th Day of INSPIRE Camp organises successfully at KMV

Jalandhar 11 November (Jaswinder Azad)- On the 4th day of the 7th, 5-day INSPIRE-Camp at KanyaMahaVidyalaya-The Heritage Institution, JalandharDr. G.S. Sodhi delivered a valuable talk on “Applications of Chemistry in Mitigating Crime (Forensic Chemistry).”  The learned resource person talked in detail about Forensic Science and different evidences which are used to investigate the crime scene- class evidence, Individual evidence and Finger Printing. He discussed about different types of fingerprints- Arches, loops and whirls.  Dr.Sodhi explained in detail Chemistry of Sweat Secretion.  He discussed conventional techniques like powder method and Ninhydrinein technique.  Dr.Sodhi spoke at length about spray formulation with which fingerprint on moist metallic which has been in water for 36 hours can be taken.  He talked about modification of initially existing method.  He told the students that iodine fumes sublimes on the fingerprints and can take its pictures but only for 5 minutes.  But with modification i.e. camphor and iodine used together, the fingerprints will not fade. The  erudite scholar also talked about post-mortem lividly.
The second speaker of the day was Prof. Yogesh Singh (C-DAC,Pune). He delivered on interesting talk on “Remote Sensing”.  He talked about the history of remote sensing and different passive and active components of remote sensing. Dr. Singh said that she remote sensing.  Dr. Singh said that the remote sensing technique is used to get data for defence, agriculture, tourism and weather forecasting.  After this discourse various activities were organized for the students- walk and learn activity was organized in botanical garden and museum,, hands on experiments were conducted in Zoology lab by Mrs.SadhnaTandon, Physics Quiz competition was conducted by Dr. Sonik Bhatia.
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