Pre-poll survey nails Badals' corruption, political & religious-S. Sarna

New Delhi 17 October (Bureau)- A forecast in an opinion poll about the complete rout of Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal's party has vindicated widespread public revulsion at the governing family for their obnoxiously corrupt rule of the state and Sikh religious institutions, Shiromani Akali Dal Delhi President Paramjit Singh Sarna has said. Badal's group, S. Sarna noted, has gone politically bankrupt. "Their helplessness became evident when they fielded someone like Manjinder Singh Sirsa -- whose father has just been jailed for fraud -- to defend their case on TV on Thursday evening, when the poll results were declared," the SADD chief observed. The findings of the survey listed out a number of factors that contributed to the fall of Badal and his family from power.
S. Sarna, however, noted that the actual list of the family's sins of omissions and commissions in Punjab and in the SGPC and the DSGMC was far more expansive. The Badal dynasty, said S. Sarna, had inflicted unprecedented damage on Sikh values, identity and philosophy. Around 90 percent of the Sikhs, he added, have abandoned their religious identity under Badals' watch. No perpetrator of the desecration of Sri Guru Granth Sahib has ever been caught, S. Sarna noted. Instead, such heinous acts have become routine in the Badal-ruled Punjab, he said. Besides, around 85 percent of Punjabis have turned to alcohol or drugs because of a mafia linked to the state's ruling family, S. Sarna said. On the other hand, poor farmers are being driven to suicide from crippling debts and crop failures, the SADD chief regretted
The state's deputy chief minister, S. Sarna added, continues to give protection and patronage to criminality. He cited Sirsa as an example. The man has faced serious accusations of high-handedness, land grab and power abuse. His father has recently been convicted of property fraud. Still, he continues to represent the Badals in religious and political forums, the SADD president said.
Punjabiyat and Punjabi culture, S. Sarna warned, is now almost on the brink of a collapse. "Sikhi and Punjabiyat have been pushed to the verge of extinction under Badals' rule if anyone observes them closely. This family must be unseated from political and religious power, whether it's Chandigarh or the SGPC or the DSGMC, at the earliest," the SADD president said.
On the health front too, rising incidence of cancer in Malwa are a byproduct of Badals' neglect and failed agriculture policy, the SADD leader said. Massive unemployment is taking the toll of Punjab's economy under Badals' nose, S. Sarna added as he pointed to the state's rapid slide on the national GDP index over the past years. He appealed to the voters of Punjab to put the state back on the track by electing someone committed to Punjab and its soil in the 2017 assembly elections. "The faithful in Delhi, meantime, have a golden opportunity to oust Badal men from the DSGMC in the religious voting due in January," S. Sarna remarked.
Badal Dal members of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee joined Shiromani Akali Dal Delhi: Mr. Sarna announced that S. Darshan Singh, S. Manmohan Singh both members of DSGMC, S. Indermohan Singh Sachdeva, Punjabi Bagh (Former Chairman Guru Nanank Public School) and S. Indermohan Singh, Vice President Akali Dal Badal have today joined our party. He further said that we hope that the platform of our party will provide them an opportunity to serve the Sikh sangat of Delhi, for which they craved in the Badal Dal but get chance. He said we are confident that these members will strengthen our party in their respective areas.
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